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Why StreamOnce?

When you installed Jive, Yammer or Chatter, you wanted your team to exchange and generate data in one shared space. Now, even though you have one of the most powerful social platforms in place, you’re still not getting the results you need.

Are you facing these roadblocks in getting your Sales, Marketing or HR teams to collaborate within a social for enterprise system?

Low Adoption Rate.

Even when it’s for the greater good, it’s hard to get people to change their work habits. Early adopters aside, most people are more comfortable sticking with familiar routines.

Overload & Missed Connections.

When people communicate or generate data in a variety of platforms, you can waste a lot of time simply managing your inboxes. Worse, with multiple inboxes, crucial data can fall through the cracks.

Chasing the Action.

Does your sales team generate data on LinkedIn or Salesforce? Does your marketing team communicate only via email? You can’t stop the action taking place on several platforms, but you can stop chasing it.

StreamOnce transforms how teams collaborate by connecting today’s business systems into their social for enterprise system. By bringing all of the relevant information for different systems to one social place, your team can search, manage and respond instantly to data.

See how StreamOnce helps in these Case Studies

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Solving Adoption without Relying on Behavior Change.

StreamOnce creates a rich, relevant center for data and collaboration without changing behavior. As soon as an account holder sets up a team place- ie Sales, HR or R&D- all incoming data and communications will automatically feed into your team’s place.

Incorporate Partners and Vendors

StreamOnce lets you incorporate your partners and vendors into your Jive and Yammer accounts. The emails that your partners and customers send will show up within a specific context within your social system- ie whatever project you’re working together on. This seamless incorporation lets you respond directly from your social system.

Creating One Consolidated Inbox.

StreamOnce automatically directs all email, files and sales contacts to your team’s social place. Since all relevant data and input reside in one searchable inbox, you’ll never have to manage multiple inboxes.

Providing Quicker Response From Your Inbox.

StreamOnce believes in creating content, not noise. Our bi-directional communication goes beyond generating notifications. For example, if someone on your HR team has uploaded a file to Dropbox, you’ll be able to instantly respond and act on the new data directly from your inbox.

Collaborating across Multiple Platforms.

StreamOnce seamlessly integrates the platforms you're already using into your social for enterprise account. No matter where data originates, StreamOnce makes sure it ends up where your team can act on it.

Offering customization for Sales, HR, and Marketing teams.

StreamOnce knows that not all platforms carry equal importance. LinkedIn and Salesforce are crucial for your Sales team; however your Marketing team might rely more on DropBox and Basecamp. Selecting your team’s most relevant platforms lets your team focus on success.

Offering Secure, Easy Setup.

StreamOnce protects your data with a secure log-in and customized privacy modes. Qualified team members are offered easy and secure participation: 3 clicks and you're integrated.

Disruptive Technology’s Price Advantage.

StreamOnce offers a distinct price advantage for partners. In addition to having an easy setup, there’s no need for IT/Admin Configuration. We pass the savings on to our partners.