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How It Works

Access the full potential of Jive, Chatter or Yammer. You don’t have time to manage multiple inboxes or convince colleagues to change their workflow and habits. StreamOnce lets you create a customized team space within your preferred social for enterprise system.

All data and communication will automatically be integrated to your team place. Spend your time acting on data, not chasing it.

  • Decide which platforms your HR, Sales or Marketing team relies on most. These will feed your social inbox.
  • Customize your team’s space inside Jive, Chatter or Yammer. StreamOnce will connect everyone in your organization, even if they're not yet using the social system. No need for IT; signing in takes 60 seconds.
  • Collaborate with your team. Whatever happens in Outlook, Salesforce, or Dropbox will show up in your team’s inbox. You can reply directly to any incoming email or access new data directly from your social platform.